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welcome to fear and loathing! we are a mature, intermediate to advanced real life site set in las vegas, nevada in the modern day. we're a character-driven site, so don't be afraid that your character idea won't be accepted! we want to plot with everyone and build a strong community full of talented writers that can all relax and have fun. come say hi to us in the cbox - we'd love to get to know you! please register your OOC account in all lowercase first, and then register your character account the same way like so: first last. because we are a mature board on jcink's premium service, you must be at least eighteen years old to join us!
2.04.16 - happy one month anniversary! we've got a new skin - read more here!
2.02.16 - everyone welcome sacha back to the staff team!
1.09.16 - everyone welcome curs to the staff team!
1.07.16 - we're finally open! check out our announcement here!
12.28.15 - construction begins! we're not anywhere close to done, but that's mostly because of our ridiculous amount of characters.

Entire skin and all accompanying templates (application, shipper, optional posting templates, general announcement, all claim threads, etc) were coded by Summer exclusively for FAL. Do not steal. Major thanks to Black for the script that gives us custom topics, forums, profiles, and stats. Another thank you goes out to Nicole for her super-easy cbox toggle generator, found here! credit for the icons go to font awesome. Credit for the award pixel art goes to 7Soul1. All characters belong to their respective roleplayers, along with any graphics or codes that come with them unless otherwise specified or credited. Again we plead, do not steal!

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